Tellus Design + Build Partners With American Automobile Icon for Event Space Construction in Gardena

Tellus Design + Build announces the commencement of phase two of the Shelby “Snake Pit” build-out, featuring a 3,000 square foot VIP lounge and event space. The Snake Pit is part of the broader plan for the future Carroll Shelby Museum of Gardena, Shelby’s California hub, building upon Tellus’ important relationship with the City of Carson. Within phase two, Tellus Design + Build will be conducting structural modifications and upgrades to the space, including roll-up door systems, as well as finish selections.

The Snake Pit will ultimately include a bar (located in the section of the building that served as Carroll Shelby’s personal apartment for 30 years), commercial kitchen for catering functions, pool tables, and indoor/outdoor areas. The bar is to be stocked with Shelby-branded beer and wine, utilizing the rest of the building as event space.

The current Shelby facility in Gardena hosts a yearly Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show, last year showcasing the release of the 2016 Shelby Ford Mustang GT. Completed as a part of phase one, models of the building, future museum, and Snake Pit are presently on display, as well as temporary walls exhibiting the space’s flow. The Snake Pit build-out is set to complete in time for the next annual Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show this spring.

The relationship between Tellus and Shelby began four years ago with a paint job—a huge mural outside the Gardena property. This mural proved to be an extremely unique 15×40 ft. job, complete with wraparound blue racing stripes and a massive Carroll Shelby signature. Tellus then built out the facility’s retail store, currently open for business.

Upon his death in 2012, Carroll Shelby proclaimed his wishes for a foundation, and conversations of a museum in Gardena swirled. After building up trust for years and saving the foundation a significant amount of money through contract and construction management, Tellus began laying out plans for the vast Gardena building. “The Tellus Design Build team earned our trust, and reflects Carroll Shelby’s—and America’s—true spirit of competition and hard work,” states M. Neil Cummings, Esq., Co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International, Inc.

Then, amid transition and questionable growth, The City of Carson placed a moratorium on all new construction. Because of their long and trusting relationship with the city, however, Tellus’ was one of the few projects granted exemption and permitted to move forward. The City of Carson then began seeing tremendous economic opportunities, introducing a Porsche racing facility and the StubHub Center where the Galaxy play, all factors playing into the viability of the Shelby complex construction.

This Carroll Shelby facility aims to be a much-needed destination along the route between Playa del Rey and Huntington Beach, and Tellus continues to work with the city on these exciting developments.

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