Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofitting Project: A Probable Life-Saver

As the old saying goes, people’s homes should also be their castles. Not only that, but houses should be places of safety and security, providing protection and shelter for their occupants.

Unfortunately, a shockingly high number of homes that are located in the iconic city of Los Angeles may offer their occupants neither safety nor security. These structures are known as soft story buildings, and these structures have shown a penchant for collapsing on their residents when earthquakes make their periodic appearances.
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Budgeting For A Complete Home Renovation

Anyone who is planning on renovating their home is often aware of how much work and energy is involved with beginning the task. From choosing the right flooring material to deciding which walls to knock down, it can be a challenge to perform everything during the process. For those who are starting to budget for the renovation, there are a few steps to take to ensure that you can afford to complete the project.
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