Four Ways Remodeling Two or More Rooms Together Saves Money

Making a major improvement to a room is a considerable undertaking. It requires careful planning, thoughtful selection of materials and the right crew to complete the work. If you are looking for ways to conserve money when remodeling your space, you may be inclined to work on one room at a time as funds become available. While this may limit your out-of-pocket cost for the immediate moment, it may cost you more money in the long run. When you remodel two or more rooms at the same time, you can save money in multiple ways. In fact, these are some of the primary ways that a larger remodeling project may be more cost effective than multiple smaller projects.

Design Plans

If your remodeling project is a serious endeavor that requires assistance from a home designer or even an architect, it makes sense to get the plans drawn up at the same time. There will be an extra charge for each additional area that you need design plans to prepared for, but you will find that it is more cost-effective to get all of the plans prepared at once rather than piecing them together. In addition, you may also enjoy a more streamlined or cohesive approach to the design as a side benefit.

Labor Costs

You may think that the cost of labor would be the same regardless of whether you renovate two rooms at different times or two rooms together at the same time. However, contractors may be able to work more efficiently when they tackle the entire project at the same time. Some contractors also may offer a discount if you have a larger project or charge a premium if you have a smaller project. In addition, some contractors, such as plumbers and electricians, may charge a trip fee for each visit them make to the worksite. Getting all of the work done at once could eliminate unnecessary trip fees. As a side benefit, you could also complete the entire project that you have in mind much more quickly if the work is done at the same time.


If you plan to use similar materials in different rooms, it may be more cost-effective to complete the renovation on the rooms at the same time. Some scrap materials that may otherwise be tossed away with a one-room project could be used effectively for another room in some cases. In addition, you may qualify for a discount on a larger order of supplies and materials.

Adjoining Walls

If the project that you plan to complete involves tearing down a wall, adding a doorway, building a wall or something similar between two rooms that are being renovated, it makes sense to complete both projects at once. Work may need to be completed on both sides of the wall, so it is more efficient and cost-effective to have the contractors complete work on the entire area at once. This can also improve aesthetics and functionality in the rooms.

If you are on the fence about whether to remodel one or multiple rooms soon, a smart idea is to request separate quotes from your designer and contractors. Discuss your plans for each room with the contractors, and ask them to provide you with quotes for the work completed separately and together. With this solid information in your hand, you can clearly see how much money you can complete by getting the work done at once. You may also save time overall because the work can be completed in tandem. Remember to request quotes from licensed and insured contractors who have a great reputation in your community.

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