Four Ways Remodeling Two or More Rooms Together Saves Money

Making a major improvement to a room is a considerable undertaking. It requires careful planning, thoughtful selection of materials and the right crew to complete the work. If you are looking for ways to conserve money when remodeling your space, you may be inclined to work on one room at a time as funds become available. While this may limit your out-of-pocket cost for the immediate moment, it may cost you more money in the long run. When you remodel two or more rooms at the same time, you can save money in multiple ways. In fact, these are some of the primary ways that a larger remodeling project may be more cost effective than multiple smaller projects.
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Light and Bright to Celebrate the Sun

Hello, Mr. Sun, it’s so nice to see you after the grueling, bleak days of winter. This spring, shoot for light and bright in your home’s décor. There are several easy things that you can do to celebrate the season’s light and beauty in your home’s décor and design. Really pull attention to the areas of your home that are open and have lots of light.
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Trendy Bathroom Tile Patterns for 2018

The bathroom is one of the focal points of the home. It is where you can really put your personality into you design, whether it is for you or for a buyer. However, there are trends that are crucial for you to understand to get a great look going forward in 2018. Here are patterns, colors, and overall designs to consider for your bathroom tiles for the best results and complete satisfaction, no matter who will be enjoying it ultimately.


For a long time, the bathroom tile game was all about gloss. Shiny, shimmering surfaces reflected light and made the space seem glamorous. However, the 1990’s is calling and they want their aesthetic back. Today, matte design is in.

One need look no further than popular fashion trends in clothing, cars, and even website design (which is opting for mimicked “matte” coloring even on apps). Matte surfaces don’t overwhelm the eye with light bouncing off of them from every angle and causing discomfort. Matte is pleasing and comfortable. It helps you create a relaxing space in the bathroom and adds a great compliment to the rest of your modern designs.


Bright colors and synthetic hues are going the way of the dodo. They had their run for a while, but now people are in the mood to appreciate natural, neutral tones. Think blacks, whites, and grays. Try going for one color and then splashing in a touch of the others. Large areas of white tile with accent pieces in black or gray can be a great combination. Consider mixing it up with larger tiles for one color and smaller tiles for the other. Really get creative and let the arrangement and understated neutral tones create a sophisticated and beautiful space that is line with the times and looks like it could be out of a magazine.

Graphic Patterns

The patterns of the past were seen to be gaudy by fashion designers in the 2000’s. They were right, most of the patterns have worn out their welcome. However, many graphic patterns are here to stay and are becoming more and more popular. Floral prints, geometric designs, and splashes of natural colors like red, green, and purple, are seeing a comeback. When it comes to patterns, choose shapes and colors that compliment the space. That way, they can create an uplifting addition that doesn’t take away from the other design elements that you have in place.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are the long rectangular tiles that typically come in white or brick color. People are beginning to use them more and more, perhaps because of the love affair with all things urban and the prominence of actual subways in so many cities today. Either way, subway tiles are a simple way to get great design without breaking the bank.

Wood Planks

If there is one trend that never goes out of style, it’s real, natural wood. Wooden planks can be used in a variety of ways in the bathroom. Line the floors, cover the walls, or create intricate patterns above the sink to make the most of wooden tiles.

When it comes to decorating homes, there are many factors to consider. However, one of the most important rooms in any home is the bathroom. So much time is spent there, and it should reflect an image that truly celebrates the space and makes people feel good. So don’t jump into new tiles for your bathroom before reading the above trends. That way you won’t miss out on any of the new styles that 2018 is championing. And you’ll create a bathroom space that isn’t just functional, but beautiful as well.