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We Are A Specialty Contractor & Remodeling Construction Company Serving Los Angeles & Orange County.


From a ground-up build on an empty plot of land, to a complete teardown and rebuild of an existing structure, Tellus can build it. Regardless of your inspired style (Traditional, Contemporary, Modern, Mediterranean, Transitional, “Green” and every combination in between), we’re here to make your custom home design into a reality. As a Contractor, our greatest strength is balancing the art of design with the science of construction.

We believe that building a Custom Home should be more exciting than exhausting—more fun than stressful. With the processes, systems and procedures in place at Tellus, miscommunication, surprises, and guesswork are brought down to a bare minimum. At Tellus, we’re adamant about building custom homes with both proven construction methodologies and the latest construction innovations, creating beautiful finished products, and forming life-long relationships with our clients.


Whether you need the space for team collaboration or product assembly, Tellus is experienced at creating effective operational commercial space. After thorough work with jurisdictional authorities, we bring your space to life through a full-service approach, aligning

  • Budget
  • Sustainability goals
  • Permitting
  • ADA requirements
  • Interior design
  • Code compliance
  • Parking compliance


Do you have an idea, a basic concept, or maybe even some preliminary drawings or plans? Construction Consultation should start now. Regardless of whether you’re dealing with one of our designers or an outside firm, the General Contractor will offer a unique perspective based more on the time, feasibility and overall cost of your project. Tellus can provide you with an initial project consultation and budgetary pricing early on in the design process. We can also be retained throughout the design process, to give you the builder’s perspective and budget updates as your concept evolves into a buildable plan. If we’ve missed you during the preliminary design, you’re about to sign a contract with another builder, or you’re mid-project feeling overwhelmed that it’s not going quite right, Tellus also offers unique services for every stage of the build process.

Our services include

  • Pre-job contractor screening
  • Contract review and negotiation on your behalf
  • Project schedule and timeline enforcement to get you back on track
  • Quality control during the project or at final inspection


A kitchen remodel, an office addition, adding a second story to your home, or gutting and rebuilding a commercial space…these are Renovations. It may come as a surprise, but the construction process is virtually the same whether it’s a bathroom remodel or a complete teardown and rebuild. What makes a Remodeling Contractor stand out is pre-project preparation and remodeling experience…and Tellus has both. Since it’s usually more difficult to make something “new” work with something “old,” Renovations are usually more challenging than new-construction projects. Rest assured; Renovations are the core of our business at Tellus.

Tellus offers a wide range of home remodeling and commercial remodeling services, including

  • Complete Office Remodeling
  • Facility Remodeling
  • Complete Home Remodeling
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Additions, and more

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the design-build experience. We recognize and promote the talent of our labor force, creating meaningful bonds and surpassing deep-seated client expectations. From major renovations to custom ground-up construction, we are making this a relationship business—one project at a time.

Meet Tellus

What Sets Us Apart

We never forget that we work for our clients first; not our Trades, not our Vendors or Designers.

We believe that it is our duty to deliver not only a superior Product and Service, but to also act as our client’s advocate and always operate with their best interests in mind.